Classic. Whimsical. Vibrant. Unexpected.

Lone Crow Bungalow (previously “Bend Bungalow”) was born in 2001 in Bend, Oregon out of a love of the aesthetics and philosophy of the American Bungalow Era (1920s) and a passion for the current nationwide resurgence and enduring quality of the style. Founder Karen Letourneau, her staff, and the shop’s clever American crow mascot “Bo” search out authentic, handcrafted decor and gifts from artisans around the country and abroad. The shop has been photographed by magazines such as Sunset Magazine and Cottage Living, and our finds have been featured in a wide range of beautiful homes across the United States.

Bo’s “Talking Crow” Blog serves as an online decor and design resource, with an ever changing showcase of curious finds and gifts, vibrant furnishings, restoration pieces, and bungalow era trends for those who like to be surrounded by the things they love.

Why “Lone”? Because we are singular in our style and in our approach to customer service. We aim to stand apart from the crowd, and we are confident that it will be abundantly evident to you at the shop and online.

Why “Crow”? Crows are curious, clever, playful, and adaptable … all things that describe the shop and our customers as well. Crows are also a recognizable artistic motif often seen in traditional American Bungalow Style.

Why “Bo”? Easy … our mascot’s name stands for Bend, Oregon, our home and daily source of inspiration courtesy of nature. This playful trickster keeps us guessing and gives voice to the collective whims of the staff.

About American Bungalow Style

Traditional American Bungalow Style embraces natural materials and traditional handcraftsmanship to create items that are as functional as they are beautiful. Lone Crow Bungalow takes that tradition and brings it up to current day, with an often unexpected twist, incorporating refreshing pieces that blend Bungalow style basics with new insight.

“Our style is eclectic as much as it is classic, making the shop compelling for nests of all kinds. We mix in art nouveau, Asian, folk, and northwest lodge elements, demonstrating our love for the many influences of the American Bungalow Style.” –Karen Letourneau