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06.02.2013 Why We Love Pendleton

Posted by Lone Crow

We have been stocking Pendleton blankets for a while now. We are proud to have them in the store not only for their beauty but for their history…Pendleton has been an American family-owned business for more than 140 years. And these blankets aren’t just for beds! Try hanging one on a wall using velcro or a curtain rod, or drape it across the back of a couch or chair. Or better yet, use a new or reclaimed Pendleton blanket or fabric to re-upholster a chair or couch, or create your own unique item…like our reclaimed fabric pillows shown below, or a purse. The sky’s the limit really…as evidenced by the “pet cave” shown below, found on Etsy. Send us a picture of your project, or of your favorite Pendleton item! Or visit the shop or website to see our great collection of blankets. Until NEST time…Bo the Curious Crow

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