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02.02.2013 Why the Crow?

Posted by Lone Crow

“Bend Bungalow” is now “Lone Crow Bungalow”! We had a great First Friday art walk downtown last night, after being closed for 5 days to paint and reset the store. We sure were dragging by the time the event started, but all of the enthusiastic visitors got us going again! We were asked about our name change and about our new mascot “Bo the Curious Crow.” We chose the crow to represent the shop for many reasons: The raven/crow is often seen in art and objects from the historic Arts and Crafts Movement period, and many current artists depict him as well (such as the folk art crow pictured above). But even more so, we like his character. Here is the list we came up with for the crow’s personality. It also describes the shop, our staff, and our customers:

curious, clever, bold, sassy, daring, dynamic, playful, inquisitive, inventive, intelligent

Crows are usually found in groups, but our crow is “lone” because he likes to be different and not follow the crowd. We also strive to stand apart from the crowd in terms of our “curious finds” and our customer service. Finally, our crow’s name is “Bo,” which stands for Bend, Oregon…so that we never forget all the great community support the shop has had over the years. Until NEST time…Bo the Curious Crow

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