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14.04.2013 High Desert Landscaping

Posted by Lone Crow

In Bend, we know it’s Spring when we get one day of 70 degrees, followed by one at 45. We struggle to garden here, but we love our outdoor spaces. We come to really love things like interesting use of rocks, old burned snags, drought-tolerant plants, and grasses. We can’t do “lush,” but we can do calming, uncluttered designs that fit with our natural surroundings. This philosophy fits right in with several principles of Arts and Crafts design: less is more, use local/native plants and materials, preserve natural resources, and keep function in mind. If placing any decorative elements outside, keep them minimal and high-quality, like our concrete owl shown above. Avoid placing any plastic items in your desert landscape (like those fake, plastic rocks)! Patience will be required as well…high desert landscaping often does not provide instant-gratification. Once you embrace patience and simplicity (in landscape design and all else), it really is freeing. -Your Friend Bo

Example of usage of snag, Homeland Design
Example of usage of rocks, Heart Springs Landscape Design


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