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30.09.2013 A Country That Builds Things

Posted by Lone Crow

I recently saw this quotation: “If you want to live in a country that builds things, then you need to buy things made in that country.” We’ve all heard numerous reminders about buying American made goods. We know it makes sense…when you keep your hard-earned dollars in the US, you are supporting American jobs and in turn the greater US economy. The reality is a bit harder. In the retail industry, for example, it has become really hard to find the right combination of price point and American made. It can be done, though! We are very proud to say that at least 75% of what we carry is American made. We are passionate about finding American made goods that don’t break the bank and that are the kind of items that you will cherish for a long time (rather than put in your next garage sale). Here are just a few of many examples!






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